Product Warranty and Accreditations

Product Warranty

Mark Sensing applies stringent quality control to all manufactured products. We have installed our own thermal printers to carry out in-house printing tests on our products to ensure they are of the highest quality and are compatible with the direct thermal printers currently in use.

Due to the specialised nature of thermal products, it is critical that the correct handling, packaging and storage conditions are observed to achieve optimum product performance.


Mark Sensing thermal products should be stored in dark conditions with a relative humidity between 45% and 65% and with a temperature below 250°C to ensure the performance of the product for at least three years from its date of manufacture.

If stored under adverse conditions such as high humidity, prolonged exposure to UV light or high temperatures, Mark Sensing’s thermal products may become less stable and may develop some background discolouration.


Once Mark Sensing thermal products have been fully imaged, the print will remain legible for five years, providing the documents are stored with compatible materials and under the appropriate storage conditions.


Mark Sensing recommends that our thermal products are not exposed for long periods to vinyls, plastics, shrink wraps, adhesives, carbon papers or similar products. While top-coated thermal grades are more resistant to these types of incompatible materials, the image can still be affected by prolonged exposure.

Most thermal products, regardless of manufacturer, are susceptible to the factors detailed above. For additional information regarding the use of any Mark Sensing thermal products, please contact us for a specific product recommendation.


Mark Sensing has full confidence in the print performance of all of our direct thermal products. We guarantee that they will not increase the print-head wear when compared to competing products. Mark Sensing provides each customer with a guarantee that the print-head will provide more than 30,000 linear metres of print before any print-head resistor failure is caused by product wear.


Mark Sensing’s food grade products are thoroughly tested and certified to:

  • •    Australian Standard AS2070-1999, Plastic Materials for Food Contact Use
  • •    EEC Directives 82/11/EEC
  • •    US Food and Drug Administration Title 21 Food and Drugs Part 175 and 176
  • •    National Measurement Institute of Australia