Mark Sensing

Mark Sensing is a world-class manufacturer and supplier of quality direct thermal paper, board and synthetic products, specialising in the manufacture of thermally reactive coatings for specific types of paper, board and synthetic film substrates.

Mark Sensing remains at the forefront of new product innovation through our in-house research and development facility allowing us to offer consistent and high quality products at internationally competitive prices.

General applications for Mark Sensing products include point-of-sale vouchers, airline baggage tags, self adhesive labels, gaming and wagering systems rolls and tickets, recording instrument products for the medical, mining, exploration and meat processing industries, security and anti-forgery products, venue tickets, transit tickets for buses, trams and trains.

Mark Sensing’s customised products are available on a wide range of base materials, from fine papers and boards to synthetic films, using a variety of different coating formulations for better results. Our customer base includes printers, converters, hardware and software manufacturers, resellers, merchants, trade suppliers and sales agents across the globe.